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Rooftop, Patio, & Driveway Turf

  • Beach Bum Turf Co. offers the finest Florida artificial turf applications for residential and commercial spaces. Our skilled installation team has created numerous stunning recreational areas for rooftops, decks and patios, and we also specialize in the design and installation of synthetic golf putting greens, backyard pet turf runs and indoor and outdoor synthetic turf lawns. These high-quality artificial grass products have been manufactured for residential, as well as commercial use in spaces of all shapes and sizes, including offices, apartment complexes, sports courts, athletic fields, and public parks.

    If you have ever thought about a lawn installation for your home or business, it is important to understand how our state-of-the-art synthetic grass fibers differ from the ugly, scratchy fake grass applications of yesteryear. Our modern artificial turf looks and feels just like natural grass, but without any of the allergies, maintenance and hassle. Beach Bum Turf Co. turf is perfect for transforming residential patios, rooftops above garages, indoor and outdoor decking, and commercial or residential pool decking.

    Our premium artificial lawns offer many advantages over natural grass, such as:

    • Low-maintenance synthetic turf is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy foot traffic
    • No more watering, mowing, seeding or edging ever again
    • Cool Touch Technology reduces thermal emissivity
    • Supple synthetic grass fibers look and feel just like the real thing
    • No need for weed killers, fertilizers, pesticides, or other harsh chemical products
    • Our Florida artificial turf products are 100 percent recyclable, and are safe for children and pets
    • Beach Bum Turf Co. grasses are incredibly lightweight, so they are perfect for rooftops, decks and patios of all ages
    • Beach Bum Turf Co. rooftop grasses have a special drainage mat that is light weight for any roof.
    • Every installation can be custom designed to your exact specifications

    Synthetic lawns for your driveway, patio or rooftop are a great choice if your property desperately needs a greener and more visually stimulating look. Our Beach Bum Turf Co. installers are able to transform ordinary outdoor spaces into a relaxing, eye-catching spectacle limited only by your imagination! We are dedicated to providing a timely and affordable installation service.

    Beach Bum Turf Co. serves many cities in Florida, including, but not limited to, Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, all the Keys, Stuart, St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Orlando. If you want low-maintenance, affordable synthetic grass applications for your home or business's rooftop, driveway or patio, our amazing synthetic products can make that dream a reality! Please call 813.898.3764 today for further details about the work our experienced installers with combined over 90 years of artificial turf experience carry out. Alternatively, you can contact us online for a FREE artificial turf installation estimate. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook at

  • ​Beach Bum Turf Co. knows roof tops.  With over 100,000sqft of roof tops installed we know how to do the job right.  Our system is first class in safety and durability with the best functionality.

    With limited space in cities they are turning to rooftop landscape surfaces to create multi- use green areas. Building a rooftop landscape area with an AirField System provides drainage under 100%of the artificial tuf surface, prevents ponding, and moves water efficiently for reuse elsewhere.

    AirDrain creates and helps maintain a more consistent Gmax for Synthetic Turf

    • ASTM testing proves AirDrain’s shock absorption properties reduces Gmax
    • AirDrain can be reused when the Synthetic Turf must be replaced
    • Can help qualify for LEED™ and other green building credits
    • A smaller carbon and development footprint with reduced site disturbance
    • Water harvesting reclamation and reuse is easy
    • AirDrain creates a 1” air barrier on the rooftop which increases the insulating properties.
    • AirDrain is a 100% recycled copolymer which has the impact modifier “metallocene” added to it for qualification as a “No Break” plastic, making it able to withstand extreme heat and cold and still maintain performance 
    • Resins can be made to the following specification “Flammability UL 94, Flame Retardant, High Impact Polypropylene Copolymer Resins”
  • ​Beach Bum Turf Co. Patio Applications

    Tried and true with over 200 K9/Patio areas installed, AirDrain K9 Drainage by AirField Systems is the ideal
    synthetic drainage system used in dog day care facilities, pet playgrounds, airport dog potties and
    general use common areas, for dogs all across America.

    Made with 100% post industrial recycle content AirField uses the highest quality materials for the
    AirDrain Geocell. With a 92% air void space underneath your artificial turf, you are able to wash away
    any unwanted waste left behind if needed by installing a flushing system underneath the grid. This
    system is easily installed and attaches to any water source with inexpensive pvc piping. Low cost,
    easy to install, do it yourself drainage, makes AirDrain the ideal synthetic drainage system for kennels,
    dog boarding and pet facilities, dog parks, vet clinics, and even in your own backyard. 

    K9 areas are installed every day in public and private facilities across the world. Whether you utilize
    natural or artificial turf, the AirField System is a stress-free way to turn any common space into a fun
    place for people and their K9 friends. No more worrying about expensive and destructive gravel
    drainage and no problems with waste being left behind. An AirField System is the easiest and fastest
    way to install a K9 recreation area.

  • ​Beach Bum Turf Co. has done more than 20,000sqft of driveways and paver areas.

    Growing in demand among architects and homeowners seeking a decorative walk or driveway, artificial grass strips between paver stones, pool decks, and other driveway surfaces gives your driveway and courtyard an elegant look without the constant maintenance.

    Our professional installation will insure not only a stunning appearance, but also a smooth transition on your driveway and walking surface that does not require weekly trimming.


Artificial turf comes from the USA & comes with a 10 year warranty.

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