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Beach Bum Turf Company chose Shaw  is because they are the worlds largest manufacturer of tufted textiles. 6 billion dollar Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. 100 million households in the US have a Shaw product. They are a brand you can trust and we stand behind the integrity of our products.

We believe it is important, as an American-owned company, to preserve our distinctive character to give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With nearly 25,000 associates, it also enables us to build strong communities by linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships.

All decisions at Shaw are made at the local level, with mindfulness that those decisions are made while keeping in mind those impacted by the decisions. We create thousands of jobs and provide better wages and benefits to our associates.

Without overseas shipping, we are able to keep costs down, which allow us to provide our customers with a better product at a lower price, as well as allowing us to invest in research and development to bring innovation to the synthetic turf market.

Being American-owned and American-made allows us to fulfill our vision of creating a better future for our customers, our people, our company, and our communities.

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