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Why are residents choosing Beach Bum Turf Company in the state of Florida? Below are some of the complaints I hear all the time.

I have two huge oak trees in my front yard and I have trouble growing grass under the tree canopy. The ground is currently covered with dead oak leaves, but I plan on trying to convince grass to grow this spring. I have put down St. Augustine sod in the past and it has not survived. I have an inground sprinkler system so water is not an issue. I don't know if the shade is the issue or the acidity of the soil.

My soil is too sandy and all i have is spots of grass.  I have resoded the yard several times and nothing works.

I have replaced my sod several times during the summer due to Chinch bugs.

​Switching to a lawn by Beach Bum Turf Company will give you a lawn you will not have to worry about for the next 15 to 20 years. No Harmful Pesticides or Fertilizers Sprayed on your Lawn, No Water, No Mowing, Safer for Kids and Pets and looks great 24/7

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