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Why do homes with synthetic grass see their resale value increase? Homeowners like not having to worry about extra maintenance costs of traditional lawns. Many homeowners will walk away from a beautiful house because the lawn is torn up or in disrepair. In addition, not needing to water a grass lawn can save homeowners thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a Beach Bum Turf Company Artificial Turf Lawn.

How does a 100-200% return on investment (ROI) sound? Money Magazine‘s story on home renovations, as well as Penn State’s Department of Landscape Architecture, agree that a well done landscaping job is the best way to improve a home’s resale value. When people think of remodeling their home to improve its value, they rarely think of landscaping with synthetic grass. The first few remodels that come to mind are a new kitchen, a new bathroom, or new swimming pool. Homeowners are beginning to look more towards the expanding industry of artificial grass to invest in their home. The perks of synthetic grass on lifestyle, maintenance time and cost, and the environment are among the more well known advantages. A spike in home value is something that every homeowner should add to that list. With synthetic grass, your home will improve its curb appeal.

When trying to sell your house, a synthetic grass system from Beach Bum Turf will not only add direct value to your home, but will play an aesthetic role in the selling of your home for real estate agents and home buyers. When two houses are virtually the same in all other aspects, the one with more curb appeal will sell faster. Artificial grass can increase the perceived square footage of a lawn and add to your house’s usable area. It’s tough to define what is pleasing in a landscape job, but it is obvious when something is not. An ugly lawn speaks to the type of owner and how the entire house is cared for. But so does a beautiful lawn. Realtors know that an artificial turf lawn is a major enhancement that can help a home sell for more money than it otherwise would in the current market.

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