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Recently Beach Bum Turf Company installed artificial turf in Raymod James Stadium.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted a turf that was natural looking, safe and a goood price.  When you go to a home game this season, check out the BBT 51 at sections 112 and 137.  This turf is at the kids zones of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they have created a fun and exciting booth for the younger fans of the Bucs.

When choosing between different quality products and prices, it’s always good advice to ask for a sample and compare it to the competition.  First choose the quality and then once you have established a benchmark, then focus your attention on price.  Make sure the backing of the turf is a urethane backing and not a latex backing.  Make sure it will work correctly in the application you need it for.  Such as Pets, Kids, Sports, Commercial and Residential products.  Beach Bum Turf has a product that will work for any and all applications.

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