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Beach Bum Turf Co.  supplies and installs the highest quality synthetic turf sports surfaces. Our Sports Staff is trained and knowledgeable, with more than a half century of combined experience and over 100 athletic field installations nationwide.

We can fabricate fibers to suit your specifications, including Monofilament, LSR, XP, and more. Our expert crews travel to your site to install our synthetic fields, NOT an untrained third-party.

Synthetic Turf Infill for Sports

Synthetic turf infill is an essential component in artificial turf systems. Infill provides proper fiber support, energy restitution, and enhanced shock absorption. Artificial grass infills also aid in proper drainage for your field by maintaining original shape and density, allowing water to drain off of the artificial turf quickly – reducing downtime due to inclement weather.

The appropriate infill also has a direct effect on your athletes’ movement and health, as well as the field’s playability. Quality infill can increase foot stability, which will improve biomechanics, cool the temperatures of the sports field by retaining moisture, and reduce lower leg injuries. Our Infill Systems that cool the temperatures of the field are Zeofill or Envirofill.

Beach Bum Turf Co. offers a variety of turf infill options, ranging from recycled rubber to all-organic solutions such as ZeoFill. Each option is composed of different materials with unique benefits. Selecting the proper synthetic grass infill for your surface is important to ensure the longevity and playability of your Turf.

We will not use coconut husk infill or cork infill as they are a maintenance issue.  They require to be wet and when it rains most of it floats and creates a mold/mildew problem.

Beach Bum Turf Co. recommends the infill to be a minimum of 75% of synthetic turf pile height, especially in artificial turf football fields and soccer fields.

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