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Artificial grass lawns are a natural for homeowners interested in creating outdoor spaces that serve as centerpieces for their homes. In one fell swoop, Beach Bum Turf Co. synthetic turf can give you the best looking lawn you have ever had, and give it to you year-round.  Furthermore, our synthetic lawns lower water bills and maintenance costs so much that your installation will actually pay for itself over time. This is fake grass that plays the part of natural grass better than the real thing. Homeowners have used our synthetic grass as landscaping turf, pet turf for dog runs, playground grass for kid’s play areas, backyard putting greens and more. How will you incorporate our artificial turf into your home?

What if you could have a perfect yard that asked virtually nothing from you in terms of upkeep? This is exactly what we are offering at Beach Bum Turf Co. Our synthetic turf lawns promise to give you years and years of beautiful looking grass, and offer a number of great benefits on top of its uncanny resemblance to the real thing.  Beach Bum Turf Co. does not sell used turf, we sell our new turf with our 10 year warranty.

  • Beach Bum Turf Co. offers a number of artificial grass products for homeowners to choose from that are the most realistic
  • Our artificial lawns are perfect for both front and back yards
  • Our landscaping turf requires no mowing, watering, fertilizing and little maintenance of any other kind
  • Safe for Pets and Kids
  • Save time and money when you install our synthetic grass
  • Enjoy a perfect looking yard year-round, regardless of weather

Isn’t it time you made the switch from natural grass to what Beach Bum Turf Co. has to offer? Make your home and your lawn the envy of the neighborhood by switching to our artificial turf Products.

Turf Types

Beach Bums M-Blade Design

The M-Blade design makes the most beautiful and realistic looking lawns and fields. The structure of the M-shaped blade allows the light to pass through the surface in multiple directions, eliminating the shiny, synthetic look of most artificial grass on the market. As with naturally growing grass, the M-shaped blade reflects light at various angles preventing the water or mirror effect that occurs on flat even surfaces.

Beach Bums W-Shape Blade Design

Our W-Shape blade is the next generation of Stemgrass. This unique technology takes the realistic look of synthetic turf to a whole new level. The durable structure of leaves makes this super-intelligently designed grass not only look as realistic as possible in a field or lawn but also serves well in heavy-traffic areas. Due to its light diffusing characteristics, an artificial grass with W-shaped leaves does not retain as much heat energy as other types of turf, which prevents overheating on hot summer days. A series of tests in a controlled environment have shown that Beach Bums Turf Co. W-Blade designed artificial grass is 15 degrees cooler than any other synthetic turf on the market.

Beach Bums C-Shape Blade

Designed in the shape of the letter C, C-shaped blades have a high wear tolerance and an ideal durability to withstand heavy traffic areas. This blade allows a perfect stand on look that most synthetic turf fails to achieve. As a part of our performance series, C-shaped blades allow the grass to stand up straighter under significant pressure.


Beach Bums Stemgrass Blade

The Stemgrass Blade Design is one of most popular blade designs for its realistic look and feel. Inspired by the natural structure of grass blades, Stemgrass blades are wider than diamond or flat blades. This blade design is recommended for residential and commercial lawns with medium traffic. The broad leaves of Stemgrass can reflect more light and can hold more heat than other types of artificial grass, but its realistic look puts Stemgrass in front of all other types of artificial grass.


Beach Bums Diamond Blade

Diamond Blade technology is one of the most popular in the artificial grass industry for two reasons. First, the diamond shaped edge of the grass blade makes it look more realistic and gives it a softness to the touch. Second, the durability of Diamond-shaped leaves is significantly higher than its predecessors, flat and triangle blades. Artificial grass leaves manufactured using Diamond-blade technology have the range of qualities valuable for use in commercial and residential landscape projects and playgrounds with medium to high traffic.

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