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B‚Äčeach Bum Turf Co. has used AirField on multiple projects for our synthetic turf projects.  We have done rooftops, sports fields and K9 dog facilities with this product and had 100% customer satisfaction.  Beach Bum Turf has tested many turf products and infills on top of the AirField drainage grid to come up with the best turf solutions on the market.  Using AirField saves alot of money and can last up to 3 turf field replacements thats 45years!

Whether installed on an aggregate base, concrete or asphalt the AirDrain drainage grid helps give you a consistent GMAX across the entire field.

The result is a more stable surface area and a more consistent GMAX across the project. All but eliminating infill migration and inconsistent GMAX across the entire field, (which can drastically affect the safety of the project putting owners in an extreme liability risk scenario).

Unlike traditional shock pads / e-layer the AirDrain is 1″ high, has a 92% air void. This unmatched vertical and lateral drainage all but eliminates standing water even at a 0.25% slope.

There is a big difference between real world drainage and manufacturers claims. AirDrain’s capacity to drain water can’t be beat by anyone’s product period.

AirDrain’s strength and durability allow it to be used under multiple turf replacements on the project. In a cost value and performance proposition there is only one choice, AirDrain!

Artificial Grass K9 and pet relief areas with AirDrain are the best option for any dog park or home. With the AirDrain you lift the artificial grass off of the subbase 1″ creating an air void that allows the urine to flow through the artificial grass and travel the the 92% air void to the exit drain below. With cities and other communities creating parks specifically geared to K9 and pet relief areas this combined system of Artificial Grass and AirDrain is the most effective way to go.

Tried and true with over 300 K9/Canine areas installed, AirDrain K9 Drainage by AirField Systems is the ideal synthetic drainage system used in dog day care facilities, pet playgrounds, airport pet relief areas and general use common areas, for dogs all across America. What separates the AirField synthetic drainage system is its unique design, features and the critical functions of the AirDrain Geocell.

Made with 100% post industrial recycle content AirField uses the highest quality materials for the AirDrain Geocell. With a 92% air void space underneath your artificial turf, AirDrain is able to flush away any unwanted waste left behind. Low cost, easy to install, do it yourself drainage, makes AirDrain the ideal synthetic drainage system for kennels, dog boarding and pet facilities, dog parks, vet clinics, and even in your own backyard.

K9/Canine areas are installed every day in public and private facilities across the world. Whether you utilize natural or artificial turf, the AirField System is a stress-free way to turn any common space into a fun place for people and their K9/Canine friends. No more worrying about expensive and destructive gravel drainage, and no problems with waste being left behind. An AirField System is the easiest and fastest way to install a K9/Canine recreation area.

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